Who we are


  • Honest and authentic, with a clear mind and full of solutions. She feels comfortable when it comes to strategy and long-term plans.
  • Believe in teams and the value that people create with different talents.
  • Passionate about travel and all that is new in the field of marketing.


  • It combines creativity with pragmatism and always offers documented solutions. The presentations and tactical plans are her strong point, and coach skills help guide actions and highlight the objectives to be achieved.
  • Passionate about reading and always open to debates


  • Passionate about mountain, sports and technology creates websites with dedication and professionalism.
  • Transposes the ideas of colleagues and customers into images or other graphics and builds complex visual identities.


  • Creative and skillful in using technologies of all kinds. Media production and web design are his favorite activities.
  • He likes games, bike rides and Jackie Chan movies.