How we work

Long term consultancy

We support and complement your company’s  marketing team operations

We use coaching techniques and tools to identify your company’s competitive advantage .

We align the marketing strategy with your company strategy and sales plans.

We identify opportunities in the market place and propose new ways of approaching them.

We define the audience and the ideal client profile.

We define internal marketing communication plans and actions to support your company’s goals and values.

We define realistic goals and the right marketing actions to achieve them, for each targeted market.

We analyze current or future campaigns results, the outcome of past actions and recommend the most efficient ones.

Project based work

We build corporate identities and all related assets

We make regular activities plans: annually, quarterly,  or monthly

We design and implement promotional, PR, awareness or brand image campaigns

We create marketing campaigns to support specific sales campaigns.

We support your company’s trade show presence – concept, stand design and execution, promotional and follow-up campaign.

We organize product launch events, seminars, training and client facing presentations

We design corporate interiors, show rooms, conference and meeting space.

Targeted tactics

We coordinate media campaigns, either part of a more complex campaign or as a stand alone activity.

We build websites with customized  functionalities.

We produce audio and video materials, animated designs and motion graphics.

We design and make a wide range of sales support materials: flyers, brochures, business cards, roll-ups, pop-ups, spider walls, giveaways

We make sales, product or general company presentations

We create content and provide copywriting services.